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Transaction inquiry issue

Can the points in the MyCard member account be transferred to another MyCard member account?

Can the points in the MyCard member account be transferred to another MyCard member account? Points in the MyCard member account cannot be transferred to another MyCard member account. After the top up is successful, the points can only be used for the relevant game platform that cooperates with the point top up. If you...

MyCard terms & conditions

Member terms & conditions Transaction terms & conditions

(Credit Card) What is 3-D secure service?

The usage and settings of the 3-D Secure service will vary according to the region you are in. Please contact your credit card bank for detailed information on applying for 3-D Secure services. The function of the 3-D Secure service is to ensure that every online transaction that occurs can only be made by the...

(Credit Card) The transaction menu shows that the status of the transaction is a failure, but when checking with the credit card bank, it appears that this transaction has been charged?

Because you made a transaction using a credit card micropayment, the credit card bank will give you an authorization limit for each transaction. If your transaction on the MyCard platform is not successful, but because the credit card bank’s system has given authorization for this transaction, when you make an inquiry to the bank, they...

(Credit Card) I have confirmed with the bank that my credit card limit is still sufficient, but why did my transaction on the MyCard platform fail?

The credit card bank will grant you a credit limit each month, which is currently divided into two parts: If you use a credit card that requires 3-D Security authentication at the time of transaction, due to the rules of international credit card organizations, regardless of your credit limit, the monthly limit of the credit...

How do I confirm if my transaction is a success?

You can select the [Transaction Help] service from the menu icon on the upper right corner of the MyCard official website, and make an inquiry based on your transaction method. After selecting [Mobile Number], enter the phone number that you use in the transaction and select the transaction inquiry month, then click [Search]. The system...

Can I transfer points or cancel the transaction if I topped up in the wrong place?

MyCoins that have been successfully redeemed cannot be transferred to other game accounts. It is recommended that you confirm with the game you top up whether they can assist you to make the transfer. We can only help you to cancel the transaction (if the points are topped up into your account, please do not...