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MyCard maintenance 8/1、8/15、8/29, 08:00-09:30(GMT+8, Taiwan).

When the MyCard website is under maintenance, all related functions of Top Up, Deduction, Buy Online, and MyCard shopping mall will be suspended! Please be patient. In case of temporary maintenance, a separate announcement will be made.

Membership issue

Can the points in the MyCard member account be transferred to another MyCard member account?

Can the points in the MyCard member account be transferred to another MyCard member account? Points in the MyCard member account cannot be transferred to another MyCard member account. After the top up is successful, the points can only be used for the relevant game platform that cooperates with the point top up. If you...

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How to contact the customer service center?

MyCard customer service in Taiwan area operates 24 hours a day, providing various service channels. If the phone is busy, it is recommended to use another service method to resolve your problem. (For now, customer service in Taiwan and Hong Kong, is served in Mandarin by MyCard customer service staff in Taiwan) Taiwan users please...

MyCard terms & conditions

Member terms & conditions Transaction terms & conditions

What should I do if I forget my payment password?

Please use the URL below to verify the member account and reset the password. If you still have questions, please contact customer service. Forgot payment password, click here forgot payment password procedure guide

Is there a top-up limit for MyCoins?

The top-up limit for MyCoins are as follows: MyCard member account [not bound] to Mobile device: the maximum limit is 110,500 MyCoins MyCard member account [bound] to mobile device: the maximum limit is 200,000 MyCoins After you download the MyCard APP and successfully log in to your account, the system will automatically bind your MyCard...

What should I do if I haven’t received the text message while verifying the phone number?

Please try logging in again and re-enter the correct mobile number to verify again, for overseas users, please check whether the country code entered is correct. If the problem persists, and you still cannot receive the mobile verification SMS, please follow the steps below to check the operation : First contact the mobile phone operator...

Where can I search my top-up and MyCoins usage history?

Please login to your MyCard member account, then go to History Log > Transaction History. You can check your member top-up and MyCoins usage history here. (The record retention period is only open for record inquiries within the past twelve months) Log in as a member now

Why did I fail to change the photo?

Please note that there are restrictions on the photo file format, if it doesn’t match the format below, the photo upload will not be successful. Length and width: 140×140 File size does not exceed: 1MB File formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

New security mechanism replaces MySafe

MyCard is committed to get closer to people’s life habits, and mobile phones are indispensable personal items in everyday life. Let’s use the new [QR Code scan login, push notification login], to replace the old MySafe security verification. Download MyCard APP

I still can’t login after scanning the QR Code?

Login with a QR Code scan can only be done via the scan QR Code button found in the MyCard APP. QR code login cannot be done using a scan from a regular camera or a regular QR code scan program.

How many trusted browsers can be set? Is there a time limit?

There are no limit on trusted browser settings. However, in order to maintain the security of your account, the system will restart every 3 months.