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MyCard maintenance 8/1、8/15、8/29, 08:00-09:30(GMT+8, Taiwan).

When the MyCard website is under maintenance, all related functions of Top Up, Deduction, Buy Online, and MyCard shopping mall will be suspended! Please be patient. In case of temporary maintenance, a separate announcement will be made.

Security Mechanism

New security mechanism replaces MySafe

MyCard is committed to get closer to people’s life habits, and mobile phones are indispensable personal items in everyday life. Let’s use the new [QR Code scan login, push notification login], to replace the old MySafe security verification. Download MyCard APP

I still can’t login after scanning the QR Code?

Login with a QR Code scan can only be done via the scan QR Code button found in the MyCard APP. QR code login cannot be done using a scan from a regular camera or a regular QR code scan program.

How many trusted browsers can be set? Is there a time limit?

There are no limit on trusted browser settings. However, in order to maintain the security of your account, the system will restart every 3 months.

Why is the security code changed to payment password?

In order to provide the best service, we always listen to problems and suggestions from consumers wholeheartedly. So we officially renamed and replaced the original 4-16 code security code with a payment password that only uses 6 codes for the transaction. If you are already become a member before 18 February 2019, and are still...

The account is blocked because the password entered is incorrect, what should I do?

MyCard member accounts will be blocked for 24 hours after you entered the wrong password for 3 consecutive times. After the blocking time is over, the account will be activated automatically. Please log in again after making sure that the account and password entered are correct. If you want to activate your MyCard member account...