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MyCard maintenance 8/1、8/15、8/29, 08:00-09:30(GMT+8, Taiwan).

When the MyCard website is under maintenance, all related functions of Top Up, Deduction, Buy Online, and MyCard shopping mall will be suspended! Please be patient. In case of temporary maintenance, a separate announcement will be made.

Query and modify orders

How can I confirm my order?

You can click “Order inquiry” at the top of the MyMall page to view your purchase history for the last 1 month, and you can confirm whether the transaction was successful via the transaction status. If the status shows “Processing”, it means that this transaction has not been completed, you will need to make a...

What should I do if I have successfully purchased a virtual product, but forgot to copy the card number and password?

You can go to “Order Inquiry” to inquire about your transaction records. You can click on the words “Search Card Number and Password” in the successful transaction section to inquire about the card number and password of the virtual goods purchased.

Do I have to be a member to buy?

Yes. If you want to shop at MyMall, please go to the Members Area on the official MyCard website to become a MyCard member and complete the verification process. Become MyCard Member MyMall

Can I buy products on MyMall using MyCoins?

No, the current payment method is adjusted to the type of product, we provide transaction methods by Buy Online as well as micropayments. We also provide convenience store pick up, with a cash on delivery system. Please make a purchase according to the payment method provided for each product.

Can the product be shipped to offshore island or overseas?

For now, our products cannot be shipped overseas. We provide delivery for offshore island (Penghu, Jinmen, Mazu), but we only use post office delivery.

Why are there products that can’t be ordered?

All products on MyCard have a limited quantity, if the stock is out of stock, you cannot place an order. However, you can click “Add to Tracking List” to make it easier for you to check the stock status of the product in the future.