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MyCard maintenance 12/13、12/27 08:00-09:30(GMT+8, Taiwan).

When the MyCard website is under maintenance, all related functions of Top Up, Deduction, Buy Online, and MyCard shopping mall will be suspended! Please be patient. In case of temporary maintenance, a separate announcement will be made.

How to contact the customer service center?

MyCard customer service in Taiwan area operates 24 hours a day, providing various service channels. If the phone is busy, it is recommended to use another service method to resolve your problem. (For now, customer service in Taiwan and Hong Kong, is served in Mandarin by MyCard customer service staff in Taiwan) MyCard Customer Service...

MyCard official website routine maintenance notification

Dear customer: MyCard will be having maintenance on 12/13、12/27, at 8:00am to 09:30am. When the MyCard website is under maintenance, all MyCard functions and services such as: serial code top up, points deduction, buy online, MyMall, etc. will be temporarily suspended. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you! Online Customer Service

Form file download

Problem Processing Application Form-Chinese and English Version WebATM Transaction Refund Application Form Statement of physical card Online purchase statement Event prize collection guide

After clicking MyCard to top-up in the mobile game, the “Current APP does not support XXX function” appears?

If phone’s OS is Android and the system version is below 6.0, the application does not support this camera scanning function, please use the manual method by entering the card number and password. If your phone’s OS is Android and the system has been upgraded to 6.0 or above, please go to your phone setting...

After clicking MyCard top-up in a mobile game, I can’t enter the MyCard top-up interface or a message of access denied appears?

If your phone is an Android system and the system has been upgraded to 6.0 or higher, please go to the phone setting to make the following adjustments. [Setting-Apps-(the apps you use now)-Permissions]. After allowing all the program acces permissions, restart the game to fix the problem and make the top-up interface appear normally.

MyCard terms & conditions

Member terms & conditions Transaction terms & conditions

Instructions and descriptions for using Steam cards.

STEAM card introduction Using Steam cards is very easy, it’s the same as using gift coupons. Please refer to the appropriate redemption procedure below, after making the redemption, you can immediately use the card easily at the game store on the Steam platform (such as CSGO STORE, TF2 Mann Co, store). (1) MyCard member→ Deduction→...

LINE top up guide

(LINE Store) MyCard top up guide Please refer to the guide in MyCard Entertainment Center

LINE general trouble guide

Click here for instructions on using LINE and MyCard LINE cards

How many types of MyCard top up card values are there?

The values that MyCard point card currently provides now are: 30 points, 50 points, 90 points, 150 points, 300 points, 350 points, 400 points, 450 points, 500 points, 750 points, 1,000 points, 1,150 points, 1,490 points, and 2,000 points, 3,000 points, 5,000 points, 10,000 points. ※For games from Taomee Taiwan, for now you can only...

How do I modify the order?

If the product has not been shipped, you can cancel it online. If you have completed your order, but want to cancel the transaction, please contact us as soon as possible to process the transaction cancellation. Because physical products take 3-5 working days to be successfully delivered, please call the customer service hotline as soon...

How can I confirm my order?

You can click “Order inquiry” at the top of the MyMall page to view your purchase history for the last 1 month, and you can confirm whether the transaction was successful via the transaction status. If the status shows “Processing”, it means that this transaction has not been completed, you will need to make a...