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Can’t receive the system verification letter?

The following are common problems that are often encountered if you can’t receive email, please try again after checking:

  • Maybe because the email you entered is invalid or incorrect, please use the correct email and try registering again.
  • It may be that your email service provider judges that the verification email sent was spam. It is recommended that you read it in the spam box and set it as non-spam.
  • It may be that your email service provider’s security mechanism blocks the verification letter. It is recommended that you contact your email service provider or use another email account to re-register.
  • If you use company email to register, please confirm that your company’s information security policy does not block incoming email.
  • You can add MyCard customer service email ( as friend or trusted email address. After that, please try sending the verification email again.
  • If the contact email in your account continues to fail to receive emails from the system, you can also apply to customer service to change the contact email address after preparing complete account information.

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