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How do I change or delete personal info?

『Correct the wrong registered name or ID number』:
Because one ID card number can only be used to register one verified MyCard member account. You can only change one of the two, and can only change it once, and cannot be changed repeatedly.

『Deleting account personal info』:
At present, we can help you apply for deletion of account personal info. However, before submitting, please confirm whether there are still unused MyCoins in your account. Once the system deletes your personal data, it cannot restore deleted MyCoins. In order to avoid unwanted problems, please pay more attention to this.

If you need to apply for one of the services above, you can fill out the Problem Processing Application Form. Then send this form along with a photocopy of your ID to customer service, our special staff will send a notification after the process is completed.

Download file-Problem Processing Application Form