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Instructions and descriptions for using Steam cards.

STEAM card introduction

Using Steam cards is very easy, it’s the same as using gift coupons. Please refer to the appropriate redemption procedure below, after making the redemption, you can immediately use the card easily at the game store on the Steam platform (such as CSGO STORE, TF2 Mann Co, store).

(1) MyCard member→ Deduction→ STEAM card

※You can get a lot of chance to participate in MyCard membership events if you use MyCard membership redemption.

Precautions for use:

1. Top up with MyCard point card can only use MyCard cards that sold in Taiwan.

2. To avoid errors, please do not use VPN, Hamachi, proxies, and other programs when using Steam related products.

3. After MyCard has been redeemed for a Steam card, it cannot be returned. Please confirm before making a purchase.

4. Each Steam card serial number can only be used once, and can only be used in Taiwan.

5. When entering the Steam card number, you will be asked to enter an address, please fill in an address in Taiwan area.

6. Steam card numbers have area restrictions, you cannot use them in other area.

7. Please refer to the rules on the Steam platform for Steam card numbers and related products.

8. You must complete the verification of your registered Steam account to be able to use the Steam card.

MyCard points conversion ratio instructions
MyCard denomination STEAM card
MyCard 150 point STEAM card NTD 115
MyCard 300 point STEAM card NTD 230
MyCard 500 point STEAM card NTD 385
MyCard 1,000 point STEAM card NTD 770
MyCard 3,000 point STEAM card NTD 2,310

STEAM related issues Please contact Steam customer service MyCard related issues Please contact MyCard customer service