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What should I do if I haven’t received the text message while verifying the phone number?

Please try logging in again and re-enter the correct mobile number to verify again, for overseas users, please check whether the country code entered is correct. If the problem persists, and you still cannot receive the mobile verification SMS, please follow the steps below to check the operation :

  • First contact the mobile phone operator customer service to see if there is a setting to block commercial text messages. If there is such a setting, it is recommended to turn it off and then perform the verification step again.
  • Check the storage space of your phone, if the SMS inbox is full, please clear it.
  • If the phone has a blacklist filtering function, please turn off this function (do not disturb mode in phones such as Nokia Lumia and Red Mi).
  • Suspend the use of blacklist/incoming call filtering software such as: WhosCall, SMS Blocker, Blacklist, App-Island, FREEdi, Lianyun Firewall app, GBlocker, Handcent SMS, etc.
  • The diversity, compatibility and stability of software and hardware of each smart phone are different.

If you still can’t receive SMS after following the steps above, please install your SIM card into another phone and try to re-send the SMS.