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Can I transfer points or cancel the transaction if I topped up in the wrong place?

MyCoins that have been successfully redeemed cannot be transferred to other game accounts. It is recommended that you confirm with the game you top up whether they can assist you to make the transfer. We can only help you to cancel the transaction (if the points are topped up into your account, please do not use the points. After the points are used, the refund method will be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the game or service product).

In addition, please note that, if the top up is for a game from ChineseGamer, if both of the wrong account you top up and the account you want to top up are yours, please ask directly to the game company customer service staff for the handling method; However, if the incorrectly topped up account is not your own, please contact MyCard customer service for the handling method.

To ensure your rights, please always ensure that the account (password) you entered is correct before redeeming MyCoins.