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I can’t see my points in the game after using MyCard Wallet to top up, what should I do?

Please check into the game to make sure whether the points have been received or not. If you haven’t received the points, please log in to your MyCard member account, then enter the History Log > Transaction History. You can search for member top-up and MyCoins usage history here.(The record retention period is only open for record inquiries within the past twelve months)

If it says that the transaction and top-up was successful, but still didn’t received the points in the game, please contact game customer service to confirm your points.

If it says that the transaction was successful but the top-up failed, there will be a [Request top up help] button on the right side of the top up failed description, after clicking this button, please enter the correct account and password of the game you want to top up.

If your top up process still cannot be completed after clicking the [Request top up help] button, please provide the customer service staff with your MyCard member account, the name of the game you want to top up, the amount of MyCoins from the transaction, transaction time, and MyCard transaction number, etc., so that the customer service staff can help you apply for [MyCoins Recovery] and the deducted MyCoins will be returned to your MyCard member account.

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